The Solutions

The solutions in the various areas of intervention are characterized by the maximization of value for each individual customer

The Request for Contents

The  customer defines the content of our work, typically based

  • the possibility of extrapolating data and information from company management systems;
  • to your needs and objectives;
  • the skills and professionalism of its internal resources;
  • the skills and professionalism of its reference professionals;
  • the temporal priority of the operation and the availability, in terms of time, of internal resources and reference professionals.

How to access the Services

Access to our services can take two distinct ways.

Access for individual modules.

In the access mode for individual modules, the customer identifies the specific activities that he intends to delegate and for which he intends to receive support. Following a careful and conscious evaluation of the process to reach a transaction, the critical activities that require the support of Dealize are identified.

Access for module packages.

In the access mode for module packages, the customer receives support in sets of activities that are homogeneous in terms of skills, professionalism and related to specific phases of the process.

Modularity of Services

The heart of our services is represented by the activities aimed at preparing and / or managing the information document sets, supporting the promotion of the operation at national and international level and managing the formal documentation typical of this phase.

The heart of our services is natural integration

  • in the activities supporting the preliminary phases for the execution of extraordinary operations;
  • in the accounting verification activities by the counterparty with reference to the management of relations with professionals by the counterparty in the verification of the accounting data (due diligence) and in the preparation of the information set necessary for these verifications (data room);
  • support activities in the pre-negotiation and negotiation phase;
  • in activities in support of insolvency and / or pre-insolvency procedures in the face of situations characterized by an embryonic phase of business crisis and / or serious risks to business continuity.

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