Demand Driven structure

A real and concrete offer "on demand" can only be articulated on a flexible structure capable of involving the right skills, the right professional skills at the right time.

The destructuring of the processes and the definition of individual modules for the provision of services has allowed the identification of specific skills and competences capable of maximizing the value within the individual activities.

Dealize can count on freelancers and qualified independent freelancers, with proven experience and professionalism, who find in our model a coherent response to their operating methods and a reference to be able to optimize and enhance their professional and relational heritage.

Enhance professional heritage

The evolution of the business consultancy and business services sector has long been subject to continuous and profound change that will continue for a long time.

The offer of business consultancy services, especially that of consultancy services in the field of extraordinary finance operations, is confronted with an increasingly complex and complex demand, increasingly focused on results, where the sharing of skills and opportunity is the solution to reinforce time, skills, experience and professionalism.

For freelancers who work in consultancy in extraordinary finance operations, Dealize represents

  • a way to diversify your business,
  • a solution to enhance your skills, professionalism and experiences and a response,
  • a tool to optimize your structure and make your operating structure more efficient

Enhance the relational heritage

The effective and efficient response to customer requests is based on the ability to get in direct contact, quickly, with the appropriate counterparts and with the right interlocutors.
In the digital world, professional and commercial relationships have, perhaps even more than in the past, an intrinsic value with a high development potential.

Dealize relies on numerous professionals in the area who, sharing their relational, exclusive and "proprietary" assets, allow effective action in a short time.

For the figures who have, over time, created a wealth of relationships with business realities and with their key figures, Dealize represents

  • a way to consolidate professional and personal relationships
  • a way to integrate your offer of services and / or product,
  • a tool to build customer loyalty
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