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Corporate Finance Advisory

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

We assist entrepreneurs, company, boards of directors and management in carrying out operations that are not part of typical business operations, such as the sale or purchase of company shares and/or business units, searching equity partners or alternative debt investors, the management of restructuring processes and/or proceedings and looking for financial and/or industrial partners that allow the going corncern.

On Demand Approach

Our value proposition is characterized by the modularity of the services offered as we can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. The Customer chooses the activities that he considers to be in line with his own needs and features and our operations will focus on his express requests only. Our structure is based on two pillars: the digital infrastructure and the "demand driven" structure . Technology and data and information management play a key role in our value proposition as it promotes process efficiency and the achievement of deliverables. The flexible structure allows us to draw on articulated and consolidated skills and expertise able to satisfy, even in full, the complexities and interdisciplinaryof extraordinary operations.

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